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DC Comics

Superman's Girlfriend, Lois Lane (1958-1974) #071

Approx Very Fine 7.5. January 1967. Final Sale.

• Second Silver Age appearance of Catwoman (Selina Kyle).


• "Bad Luck for a Black Super-Cat!" – (8 2/3-page story, continued from previous issue) – Catwoman refuses to tell Lois how to change Superman back from his feline form, even after she is jailed. When Lana's father discovers a magical artifact that will grant one wish, Lana uses it to restore Superman.

• "Hush Money, Sweet Lois -- Or Else!" – (12 2/3-page story) – Roger Madison tries to blackmail Lois Lane into marrying him, but it's not her shameful secret she's protecting - it's one of Superman's.


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