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DC Comics

Strange Adventures (Vol.1 1950-1973) #210

Approx Fine 6.0. March 1968. Final Sale.

• First appearance of The Hook (Roy Martin Matson).

• Neal Adams cover art.


• "Hide and Seek" – (12 1/2-page story) – When Deadman learns that the detective assigned to his murder case has been disgraced and forced to resign, he discovers a plot that may be related to his death, but the only witness is murdered.

• "Time Traveling into the Future and the Past" – (2-page story, reprinted from Real Fact Comics #4, Sept.-Oct. 1946).

• "Designs for Disaster" – (7 1/2-page story, reprinted from House of Secrets #19, April 1959) – Set designer Dane Foote lights his office with an ancient candle found amongst some props he has purchased. Under the light of the candle, he dreams up the perfect set design and the perfect special effect for the movie he is working on. Unfortunately, after the set is built and the scene is shot, a real-life town falls victim to the same thing that happens to the town in the film.

• "Voices from Beyond" – (1-page text article, no synopsis written).


NOTE: The Hook is the assassin who shot and killed Boston Brand in Strange Adventures #205 (Oct. 1967).

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