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Marvel Comics

Marvel Masterworks Fantastic Four Hardcover Volume 02

By popular demand! Back in hardcover, beautifully restored to match the original comics and boasting expanded bonus material! Welcome to Marvel's reMasterworks! The Fantastic Four return in another collection of classic tales: The Thing and the Hulk face off for the first time! The FF journey to the moon to grapple with the Red Ghost and his Super Apes, and encounter the Watcher! The Puppet Master bends the mighty Sub-Mariner to his will! The Mad Thinker unleashes his Awesome Android! Rama-Tut (A.K.A. Kang the Conqueror) sends the FF to ancient Egypt! Doctor Doom returns in a two-part epic guest-starring Ant-Man! Plus: The Molecule Man menaces the world, the wild and wacky Impossible Man drops in, and the Sub-Mariner launches an all-out invasion of New York City! All this and a backup feature pitting the FF against Spider-Man! Collecting FANTASTIC FOUR (1961) #11-20 and ANNUAL #1. Kids to Adults

Category: hardcover, Marvel

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