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Marvel Comics

Marvel Masterworks Fantastic Four Hardcover Volume 25

It begins with the FF, the Inhumans, a wedding, and a war between the Kree and Skrulls on the Moon! Then, the FF and Wyatt Wingfoot face a galactic menace who has landed in remote Oklahoma with a message: "I claim this planet!" The two-part tangle with Terminus is one for the ages! Meanwhile, Reed shares a tale of alien invasion by the giant green monster Gormuu before setting off on a time-traveling journey that will bring him up close with cowboys and aliens - and his time-tramping father! And as the relationship between Wyatt and She-Hulk grows more intimate, the demonic Mephisto rears his awful head - and the Thing returns from Battleworld! Plus: John Byrne's unfinished cosmic masterpiece "The Last Galactus Story!" Collecting FANTASTIC FOUR (1961) #269-277 and ANNUAL #18, THING (1983) #19 and #23, and material from EPIC ILLUSTRATED #26-34. Rated T

Category: graphic novel, Marvel

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