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Marvel Comics

Marvel Masterworks Ghost Rider Hardcover Volume 05 Direct Market Variant Edition 345

The Marvel Masterworks are on the highway to hell with the original demon biker, the Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze - and we wouldn't have it any other way! In our fifth installment of GHOST RIDER classics - restored and reprinted in color for the first time ever - the supernatural side of the Marvel Universe is coming out of the dark! The spirit of big-rig trucker Clem Barstow does not share the road. And the first appearance of Asmodeus might mean the last appearance for GR! Meanwhile, the Tatterdemalion mixes it up with Werewolf by Night, and Moondark casts a spell that brings in the cavalry with the Night Rider! And, no, your eyes are not playing tricks on you: The Orb is back! Collecting GHOST RIDER (1973) #51-62. Rated T

Category: hardcover, Marvel

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