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DC Comics

Justice League: The New 52 Book One

In the aftermath of Flashpoint the origins of the Justice League of America are re-imagined for a new era. Witness legendary duo Geoff Johns and Jim Lee on their Justice League origin story!A familiar but fresh take on the Justice League following the events of Flashpoint. In a world where inexperienced superheroes operate under a cloud of suspicion from the public, loner vigilante Batman has stumbled upon a dark evil that threatens to destroy the earth as we know it. Now, faced with a threat far beyond anything he can handle on his own, the Dark Knight must trust an alien, a Scarlet Speedster, an accidental teenage hero, a space cop, an Amazon Princess and an undersea monarch. Will Superman, the Flash, Cyborg, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and Aquaman be able to put aside their differences and come together to save the world? Or will they destroy each other first?Collects a story from Justice League #0, Justice League (2011) #1-17 and Aquaman #14-16

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