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Marvel Comics

Star Wars Legends Epic Collection TP Legacy Vol 04

(W) Corinna Bechko, More (A) Gabriel Hardman, More (CA) Dave Wilkins
The end of an era! Nearly 140 years after A New Hope, the galaxy is struggling to maintain a newfound peace. Ania Solo is trying to eke out a meager living by salvaging debris from the recently ended war - but when she stumbles upon a damaged communications droid and a stray lightsaber, she and her friends find themselves in deep trouble! Wanted by both the local authorities and a determined Imperial Knight, Ania will soon learn that the lightsaber is
at the center of a deadly plot - one that leads straight back to the villainous Sith! And at the very end of the Star Wars Legends timeline, discover C-3PO's final fate! Collecting STAR WARS: LEGACY (2013) #1-18 and material from STAR WARS TALES #19 and STAR WARS VISIONARIES.

Rated T

Category: Marvel, Trade Paperback

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