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DC Comics

Young Justice TP Book 02

(W) Peter David, Chuck Dixon, Scott Beatty, Beau Smith, Jay Faerber, Lary Stucker, Peter J. Tomasi (A) Leonard Kirk, Angel Unzueta, Koi Turnbull, Andy Kuhn, Justiniano, Sergio Cariello, Tommy Lee Edwards, Ryan Sook, Keron Grant, Dietrich Smith, Robin Riggs, Jaime Mendoza, Jonathan Sibal, Chris Ivy, Andy Lanning, Kevin Conrad, Keith Champagne, Sean Parsons (A/CA) Todd Nauck, Lary Stucker
In this new helping of stories from YOUNG JUSTICE #8-17, YOUNG JUSTICE: 80-PAGE GIANT #1, YOUNG JUSTICE IN NO MAN'S LAND #1, SUPERGIRL #36-37 and pages from YOUNG JUSTICE: SECRET FILES #1, the team is studying espionage under Captain Atom. Their class project? Solve a cold case that involves a forty-year-old murder. Now, the true killer has resurfaced to target anyone who might expose the truth about the original crime-and that includes each and every member of the team!

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