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DC Comics

Wonder Woman (Vol. 1 1942-1986, 2010-2011, 2020) #189

Approx Fine/Very Fine 7.0. August 1970. Final Sale.

• "Red for Death!" – Diana, remembering that I-Ching mentioned having friends in the Red Chinese city of Ashai, decides to start her search there. Patrick has both of them made up as Orientals and then flies them both over the Chinese border to Ashai, though their plane is shot down in the process. They discover I-Ching among the villagers of Ashai. He tells them that he has broken off his search for Lu Shan because his old friends, the Ashai villagers, are about to be forcibly relocated by the Chinese government to the north, where they will be forced to toil in mines. Since the Ashaians are “river people”, farmers and fishermen, I-Ching fears that they will not survive in the mining country. He and a collaborator plan to bring the Ashaians across the border in an old riverboat, with a cache of World War II-vintage Japanese arms for protection. The operation begins, with Diana and Patrick battling the Red Chinese to cover for them. Despite the heavy odds against them, the Ashaians manage to make it into Hong Kong territorial waters. Diana has been rendered unconscious by a flying piece of debris, but, when she revives, both Inspector McLean and Patrick take her out to dinner.


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