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DC Comics

Wildstorm Michael Cray TP Vol 02

Once he was the director of the most powerful deep-state agency on Earth. Now John Lynch is a man without a home. A man without a country. And a man with a mission.
The former head of the all-powerful IO, controllers of the planet, is crisscrossing America in search of his greatest successes and his gravest sins. For Lynch, they are one and the same. They are the principals of Project Thunderbook. Transformed into beings of unbelievable power by Lynch's experiments--and made into something no longer human. And if Lynch doesn't find them first, IO will. But that omnipotent agency isn't the only threat to their safety. The cold war between IO and Skywatch is threatening to turn hot. And motivated by the thing inside him that calls itself the Carer, Marc Slayton is on the move as well. Each of these incredible beings has a choice to make. Threats to face. A world to inherit--or destroy. Writer Warren Ellis (The Authority, Transmetropolitan) continues his fearless reimagining of one of comics' most groundbreaking universes in The Wild Storm Vol. 3, featuring the art of Jon Davis-Hunt (Clean Room) and appearances by members of Gen13, Team 7 and more! Collects The Wild Storm #13-18.

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