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Silver Snail

The Amazing Spider-Man #98

Approx. Grade: 6.5

Marvel Comics 

*Final Sale*

"The Goblin's Last Gasp!"

The Green Goblin has attacked Peter Parker at the apartment that he shares with Harry Osborn just as Harry is in dire need of medical help after a drug over dose. When the Green Goblin tries to attack, Peter tries to get the Goblin to see the state his son is in, the Goblin, not wishing to remember his son flees. Peter is able to call an ambulance and Harry is taken to the hospital.

Meanwhile in England, Gwen Stacy begins to realize that leaving Peter behind to move to England was a big mistake and decides to return back to New York and find Peter, and hopefully patch things up.

NOTE: Because of the 3-part drug abuse story arc in ASM #96-98, this is the first comic book from a major publisher to be distributed without the approval of the Comics Code Authority. 

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