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Silver Snail

The Amazing Spider-Man #72

Approx. Grade: 6.5

Marvel Comics 

*Final Sale*

2nd appearance of Shocker (Herman Schultz)
"Rocked by..the Shocker!"
The Shocker has returned, and his first theft is of the clay tablet in the possession of George Stacy. After easily knocking out Stacy, the Shocker steals the tablet from Stacy's safe. He then finds his underworld connection and tells him, rather violently, that he will sell the tablet to the highest bidder.
When Peter Parker learns of the theft he goes looking for his old foe as Spider-Man. He finds the Shocker and tries to capture him, but the Shocker proves too much for the wall-crawler and manages to escape. Peter resumes his civilian guise so that he can see his Aunt May off on her vacation to Florida. Peter also happens upon an article about Curt Connors in the Bugle and muses about his last encounter with the Lizard, and how great it would be to work for Connors. 

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