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Silver Snail

The Amazing Spider-Man #106

Approx. Grade: 8.0

Marvel Comics 

*Final Sale*

1st appearance of Spider-Slayer Mark IV (Robot)
"Squash Goes the Spider!"
Spider-Man notices a security camera recording him changing back into Peter Parker and webs it up, however he is too late as Spencer Smythe (who had taken control of the camera) had already taken a picture of Spider-Man's real face; Deciding to err on the side of caution, Spider-Man pays a visit to Curt Connors and uses his lab to create a synthetic mask based on his own face to try and reverse any potential compromise the camera has caused his secret identity; Peter goes out with Gwen Stacy.
NOTE: A tribute to the cover art is made 25 years later for the cover of ASM # 538 (Jan. 2007). The new cover replaces Spencer Smythe with heroes that are hunting down Spider-Man during the Civil War storyline. 

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