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Marvel Comics

Tales to Astonish (Vol. 1 1959-1968) #092

Approx Fine+ 6.5. June 1967. Final Sale.

Begins first Silver Surfer crossover outside of Fantastic Four #67, see note below.


"It Walks Like a Man!" – (12-page story) – When a passing ship dumps a radioactive barrel into Namor's realm, he realizes the danger it poses and takes it far away from Atlantis to throw it into a deep crevasse. Little does he know that the radiation in the barrel has awakened an ancient monster who begins to menace both the surface world and the world beneath the waves alike. Thinking the monster another surface threat, Namor begins to battle it as a nearby submarine, who is also tracking the radioactive creature, begins firing torpedoes at the both of them.

"Turning Point!" – (10-page story) – Betty bemoans her loss of Bruce; Bruce, in disguise, bemoans his circumstances, then transforms into Hulk who flees his hotel room in typical Hulk fashion - through the wall. Outside, Hulk sees a 'flying saucer' and leaps to bring it down so the aliens can take him far from Earth; What he brings down is not a saucer but the mighty Silver Surfer!


NOTE: Silver Surfer's appearance is a one-panel, full-page cameo on the last story page that begins the crossover for the next issue (TTA #93). 

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