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Marvel Comics

Tales to Astonish (Vol. 1 1959-1968) #099

Approx Very Fine 7.5. January 1968. Final Sale.

"When the Monster Wakes!" – (11-page story) – With the military base under control of the Lord of the Living Lightning and the threat of a deadly missile barrage looming, it is up to the Hulk and Talbot to retake the instillation and beat back the Living Lightning troops. The Hulk succeeds in stopping his foe but has to blow up the military base to do it.

"When Falls the Holocaust!" – (11-page story) – Namor awakens in the ruins of Atlantis only to find that his army has taken off to start a war with the surface world. They plan on activating their latest and most dangerous weapon, the Hurricane Inducer, but the machine has not been tested and Namor fears that it will cause great harm to friend and foe alike. With his subjects already thinking him a traitor for allying with the piratical Plunderer, Namor doesn't do his tarnished rep any favors when he is caught destroying the Atlantean's most powerful weapon. With the inducer destroyed, the Atlanteans decide to return home.


NOTE: Gaspar Saladino is credited as LP Gregory. 

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