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Marvel Comics

Tales to Astonish (Vol. 1 1959-1968) #095

Approx Fine+ 6.5. September 1967. Final Sale.

“The Power of the Plunderer!" – (12-page Sub-Mariner story) – As Namor and Dorma return to Atlantis from Dragorr's island, they come across an underwater city built by surface men. As Namor bristles at the invaders and has words with the city's founder, the Plunderer shows up in a powerful sub and punches a hole in the dome that covers the city.

"A World He Never Made!" – (10-page Hulk story) – While being transported to the planet of Wundagore II, the Hulk finds himself transforming once again into puny Banner. The High Evolutionary is disappointed to find a normal human instead of a gamma spawned powerhouse he needs to battle his bestial New Men, He decides that he can still use Banner as an ally by evolving him a thousand years into humanity's future. 

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