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Marvel Comics

Tales to Astonish (Vol. 1 1959-1968) #082

Approx Fine+ 6.5. August 1966. Final Sale.

• 2nd half of the first Marvel title crossover with Tales of Suspense #80.

• "The Power of Iron Man!" – (story continues from Tales of Suspense #80) – The Sub-Mariner has come to seek revenge against Iron Man for interfering in his quest to get revenge on Lady Dorma for leaving him to marry Warlord Krang. Their fight has taken them outside of Stark Industries manufacturing plant where the two duke it out. With his power supply running low, Iron Man soon begins to lose the struggle until he manages to have the Sub-Mariner lead the fight to a nearby recharging receptacle and recharges his armor to full power.
This allows Iron Man to gain the upper-hand against the unsuspecting Sub-Mariner. As the battle rages on, police arrive on the scene and prepare to attack. Noticing this move, the Sub-Mariner turns his aggressions on them, sending the officers at bay. While shouting threats warning the officers from striking him again, Namor is distracted long enough for Iron Man to recover and jump the Atlantean prince from behind.
As Namor and Iron Man struggle, the monarch's keen eyesight allows him to spot Warlord Krang's submarine out at sea. Breaking off from the fight the Sub-Mariner dives back into the ocean and swims after his hated enemy Warlord Krang. With the battle over, Iron Man leaves the scene as well.
Returning to his home and changing out of his armor, Tony Stark ponders over if he has the right to keep the secret of Iron Man's armor from the government when the technology could be vital for the American governments vital interests. He decides that it's time to call Senator Byrd and sort things out once and for all.

• "The Battle Cry of the Boomerang!" – (story continues from last issue) – Returning to the surface following his battle against Tyrannus, the Hulk finds himself attacked by the army. The army is still out looking for Betty Ross, who had been kidnapped by the Boomerang. When General Ross scolds them for letting the Hulk get away, believing that the Hulk is responsible, they begin their next plan to stop both the Hulk and Boomerang.
Meanwhile, the members of the Secret Empire, who are afraid of Number-Nine's rise to power, soon find themselves one member fewer when one of their members triggers a booby trap that blasts him with poisonious gas.
Elsewhere, the Hulk manages to find the Boomerang, who is flying across the desert with Betty Ross as his hostage. The Hulk attacks, and is able to repel all of the Boomerang's attacks. While Ross and his company learn of the battle and race to get to it, the Hulk manages to fight off Boomerang and save Betty Ross.

NOTE: Iron Man's adventure continues in Tales of Suspense #81 while Namor's quest continues next issue.


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