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DC Comics

Superman (Vol. 1 1939-1986, 2006-2011) #254

Approx Fine+ 6.5. July 1972 Final Sale.

• "The Kid Who Stole Superman's Powers!" – When Superman gets back from the planet Vonn, he is intercepted by a Kleth spacecraft, whose occupants profess to be peaceful but who actually set up a “reflector-warp” that causes Superman’s strength to boomerang against him when he exerts it. A Kleth doctor who rebels against his ship’s commander shows him a way out of his dilemma, by transferring his strength to Billy Anders and then psychically “borrowing” it back whenever he imagines Billy’s lynx.

• "The Private Life of Clark Kent: The Baby Who Walked Through Walls!" – Clark Kent runs into trouble when a neighbor asks him to watch her baby for a few minutes, and the baby vanishes.


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