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DC Comics

Superman The Death Of Superman TP New Ed

(W) Dan Jurgens, Jerry Ordway, Louise Simonson, Roger Stern (A) Jon Bogdanove, Tom Grummett, Jackson Guice, Rick Burchett, Doug Hazlewood, Dennis Janke, Denis Rodier (A/CA) Dan Jurgens, Brett Breeding
Doomsday. A creature with a single-minded purpose of death and destruction. He has landed on Earth, laying waste to anything-and anyone-who dares stand in his way. The Justice League makes a valiant, but ultimately desperate, attempt to stop the unknown juggernaut. When the beast nears Metropolis, Superman answers the call to stop him. And then the unthinkable happens. The Man of Steel...dies. DC Entertainment presents a new edition of the best-selling graphic novel of all time, collecting ACTION COMICS #18-20, ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #496-498, SUPERMAN #73-75, SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF STEEL #17-19, and NEWSTIME: THE LIFE AND DEATH OF SUPERMAN.

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