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DC Comics

Supergirl TP Vol 02 Breaking The Chain

(W) Joe Kelly, Mark Sable, Antony Bedard (A) Joe Benitez, Ian Churchill, Renato Guedes, Victor Llamas, Adam Archer, Sandra Hope, Norm Rapmund, Marlo Alquiza, Rick Davis, Jose Wilson Magalhaes, Andy Lanning (CA) Richard Friend (A/CA) Ale Garza
Learning the truth of what happened to Krypton, Kara must separate fact and fiction and believe in herself! And after teaming up with Power Boy to stop a hurricane in Mexico, Dark Angel attacks the Girl of Steel! Then, Kara accidentally wrecks Air Force One, only to hide out at the Kents' home in Kansas. Collects SUPERGIRL #11, #13-22 and a story from the DC UNIVERSE INFINITE CRISIS CHRISTMAS SPECIAL #1.

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