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RE:EDIT Halo INF Master Chief Mjolnir MKVI GEN 3 1/12 Action Figure

From 1000 Toys. From HALO Infinite, the latest entry to Microsoft's best-selling HALO video game series, comes the hero of the series, Master Chief John-117 in a 1/12-scale fully-articulated action figure! The latest design for Chief's Mjolnir MK VI [GEN 3] Armor is faithfully recreated based on the game's modeling data. The exterior armor pieces are made from ABS plastic to depict the intricate details while the die cast used in the inner frame helps to provide an overall durability and wide range of articulation. Included with the Master Chief figure are the iconic MA40 Assault Rifle, CQS48 Bulldog, and a Covenant Energy Sword for close quarters combat! The PREVIEWS Exclusive edition also includes the Elite Bloodblade Energy Sword and a Brute Shock Rifle.

Category: Action Figure

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