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Valiant Comics

Psi-Lords TP Vol 01

Who are the cosmic beings known only as the Psi-Lords? And how will they change the
course of the Valiant Universe?

Four space explorers awake in an otherworldly prison known as the Gyre with no memory of
how they got there. Sent by space agencies from across the Earth and gifted with strange new celestial powers, these spacefarers will have to work together to survive. And out in these star-flung reaches, they'll have nothing but their wits to guide them. That, and a mysterious voice in their heads that tells them if they want to escape and find their way home there is one thing they must do... Find the Psi-Lords.

New York Times bestselling writer Fred Van Lente (IVAR, TIMEWALKER;
GENERATION ZERO) and stunning artist Renato Guedes (SHADOWMAN) team up for a
brand-new, galaxy-bending adventure!

Collecting PSI-LORDS #1-8.

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