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DC Comics

Nightwing TP Vol 05 The Hunt For Oracle


(W) Chuck Dixon (A) Greg Land, Patrick Zircher, Butch Guice, Drew Geraci, Mark McKenna, Jos? Marzan, Bill Sienkiewicz, Hector Collazo (A/CA) Scott McDaniel, Karl Story
After surviving No Man's Land, Dick Grayson graduates from the Blüdhaven Police Academy just in time to take down the revenge-hungry Nite-Wing. Then, Nightwing must track down a rogue hacker that has been interfering with the crime boss Blockbuster, only to discover that it's Oracle. Collects NIGHTWING #35-46 and BIRDS OF PREY #21!

In Shops: Oct 26, 2016
SRP: $24.99
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