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DC Comics

My Greatest Adventure (Vol. 1, 1955-1964) #085

Original Cover Date: Feb ’64

Approx. Grade: Good+ 2.5

DC Comics

*Final Sale*

• Alex Toth interior art (backup story).


• Part 1: "The Furies from 4,000 Miles Below" – (7 2/3-page story) – The Chief plots to convince Rita to take a role in a film so that she will be out of the way when he takes Cliff and Larry on a dangerous mission under the surface of the earth.

• Part 2: "The Subterranean Terror" – (8 2/3-page story) – Rita arrives in time to rescue the others from the subterranean creatures that they are fighting.

• "The Curse of the Cat's Cradle" – (7 2/3-page story) – Dan Hearn has been sent on a mission to South America where he discovers a mysterious giant and a huge attempted theft.

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