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DC Comics

Justice League of America (Vol. 1, 1960-1987) #049

Original Cover Date: Nov ’66

Approx. Grade: Fine 6.0

DC Comics

*Final Sale*

• "Threat of the True-Or-False Sorcerer!" – Casting a spell to try and free himself in prison Felix Faust only succeeds in creating a duplicate of himself. When neither can agree who is the real Faust, they conjure a demon that reveals that if they do not determine which is the fake, when the false Faust disappears his destruction would also destroy the universe.
Not wishing the Universe to be destroyed, Faust and his double seek out the Justice League to try and solve their problem. Finding Superman, Batman, Flash and Green Lantern at JLA headquarters. When they are unable to determine which is the false Faust, Felix suggests creating mystical threats which -- perhaps -- somehow will reveal which Faust is the fake.
Split into two groups, Flash teamed with Superman and Batman teamed with Green Lantern, they face mystical threats and find clues which would reveal which Faust to be a fake. When they take their evidence both groups realize that they still cannot agree on which Faust is the fake. When Snapper enters the room with the JLA's daily mail, Snapper explains that a school mate has been writing a report on Faust, and that the real Faust is still in prison.
Realizing that both the Felix Faust's that they have been fighting two fakes, they take the duplicates to the original Faust in his jail cell. Upon "finding" the real Faust, the fakes disappear and the universe is saved.

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