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DC Comics

Jsa By Geoff Johns TP Book 02

(W) Geoff Johns, David S. Goyer (A) Stephen Sadowski, Michael Bair, Carlos Pacheco, Jesus Merino, Keith Champagne, Phil Winslade, Mike Perkins, Steve Yeowell, Buzz, Rags Morales, Dave Meikis, Paul Neary, Rob Leigh, Javier Saltares, Ray Kryssing, Andrew Pepoy (CA) Alan Davis, Mark Farmer
In the second collection of JSA tales co-written by Geoff Johns, the JSA faces the foe that decimated their ranks years prior: Extant! Plus, the stunning return of Hawkman! Collects JSA #16-25, plus stories from SECRET ORIGINS OF SUPER VILLAINS #1, JSA: OUR WORLDS AT WAR #1, JLA/JSA SECRET FILES #1 and the graphic novel JLA/JSA: VIRTUE AND VICE.

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