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Inu Yasha 12


(W) Rumiko Takahashi (A/CA) Rumiko Takahashi
"Shifting Alliances Naraku steals the sacred stone of the "living mountain" demon Gakusanjin. Then, thieves have their eye on the gift Gakusanjin gives Inuyasha to help him and his friends retrieve the stone! Old and new enemies-all a manifestation of Naraku or each other-rear their ugly heads: Hakudoshi, Moryomaru, Goryomaru, Kagura, Kanna, and the Infant who houses Naraku's heart. Now they're not only attacking our friends, but each other... Who will come out on top?! And how will the changes in allegiances affect our heroes? On the personal front, Inuyasha travels to the future and meets Kagome's classmates, Shippo pulls malicious pranks on his friends, and Sango is wildly jealous when Miroku visits-his fiancée?!"


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