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Home Time HC Vol 02 PRE-ORDER (orders due March 23rd)

*This is a PRE-ORDER. Estimated shipping date for this item is April 15th. Pre-orders are NON-REFUNDABLE and must be placed no later than March 23rd*

Home Time: Under the River ended with a disastrous tea ceremony which left six kids lost, scared, confused, and even burnt. Now, the second half of the Home Time saga picks up from that nerve-wracking cliffhanger, as the children leave the relative safety of Peach Village in search of medicine, answers, and, hopefully, a way home.
Equipped with a living map, a flask of hallucinogenic tea, and a plan so stupid it just might work, Lily, Amanda, Ben, and Nathan will have to pull together at the very time they've drifted the furthest apart.
Award-winning graphic novelist Campbell Whyte is back, with his signature kaleidoscope of art styles, to cast a new spell wrapping up the most whimsically fantastical journey in ages.

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