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DC Comics

Green Lantern (Vol. 2, 1960-1986, 2020) #075

Original Cover Date: Mar ’70

Approx. Grade: Fine/Very Fine 7.0

DC Comics

*Final Sale*

"The Golden Obelisk of Qward!" - Green Lantern learns that Olivia Reynolds is ill, Hal decides to help her out as Green Lantern and uses his power ring to see what is wrong with her. Detecting the U-Mind force within her being pulled to some far off place as the source, Green Lantern decides to investigate, however her doctor insists that he tags along for the sake of his medical curiosity.
The two men follow the source of the pull to a portal that takes them to the anti-mater world of Qward, where they are attacked by the Weaponers. At first Hal manages to fight them off but the Weaponers pull out a gigantic cannon that can kill him with sonic waves forcing them to retreat. Still tracking the source, they come across two musicians whom they jump and steal their clothing and musical instruments.
Tracking the source to a Qwardian city, they learn that the people in this town believe that an ancient impenetrable tower is the source to weapons and riches beyond ones wildest imaginings. To their surprise they find that Olivia has been transported to Qward so that they can use her U-Mind to power a device that will finally bring the tower down. Succeeding they find it containing only a message from its building expressing his disappointment over the Weaponers choice of lifestyle.
Green Lantern and the doctor reveal themselves and free Olivia, fighting the whole way back to the portal, returning to Earth unharmed. There Olivia recovers in due time and Green Lantern worries that her U-Mind may effect the universe once more but leaves to resume the regular course of his life.

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