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DC Comics

Green Lantern (Vol. 2, 1960-1986, 2020) #037

Original Cover Date: Jun ’65

Approx. Grade: Fine- 5.5

DC Comics

*Final Sale*

• First Silver Age appearance - second overall - of Evil Star (Guy Pompton).

• First appearance of Betty Sloane.

• First appearance of Starlings

• "The Spies Who "Owned" Green Lantern!" -Taking out Betty Sloan to a dance club as a favor for Carol Ferris, Hal is hypnotized by Betty and commanded to type secrets about devices the Ferris Aircraft Company is making for the U.S. Military to mail to spies. After a few nights of typing up these letters, and fighting crime by day, an accidental fire at night prompts Hal's Power Ring to warn him of the danger, snapping him out of his hypnotic trance.
Realizing what he's done, Hal gets Pieface to help him out the following night. When after preparing a new letter of secrets and going to sleep for the night, Pieface would use Hal's power ring to will him down to a small enough size to be put in the envelope to be mailed to the spies.
When the spies received the envelope later that day, Hal would be awake and free of the hypnosis, and break free as Green Lantern, rounding them up and turning them over to the authorities.
With nobody to remove the hypnotic spell on Earth without revealing his true identity, Hal flies into space to get the Guardians of the Universe to do it for him.

• "The Plot to Conquer the Universe" - On his way to have the hypnotic suggestions made by Betty Sloan removed from his mind by the Guardians of the Universe, Green Lantern suddenly finds himself pulled to a planet ruled by Evil Star and his minions, the diminutive Starlings. All invincible and armed with Star-Bands, devices that act like power rings but have no known weaknesses. Evil Star imprisons Hal, taking away his power ring, hoping to destroy all the Green Lanterns and the Guardians of the Universe in a bid to take over the universe, Evil Star then leaves his minions to guard the seemingly defenseless Green Lantern while he goes off to deal with the Guardians.
Using Betty's hypnotic charm, Hal manages to hypnotize the Starlings to take him to Oa, where he arrives to foil Evil Star's attempt at posing as Green Lantern, but not before Evil Star is able to immobilizie the Guardians. Attempting to take back his power ring meets with failure when Evil Star uses his Star-Band to make Hal's ring explode. Undaunted, Hal fights Evil Star in hand to hand combat, besting the villain and taking his Star Band and using it to defeat Evil Star.
Afterward, he uses the Guaridan's giant power battery to restore his immobilized masters who imprison Evil Star and remove the hypnotic suggetsions placed by Sloan. Hal then returns to Earth where he tells Pieface of his adventure in space.

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