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DC Comics

Green Lantern Kyle Rayner TP Vol 01

(W) Ron Marz, Marv Wolfman, Tom Peyer, Frank Pittarese (A) Jamal Igle, Derec Aucoin, Bill Willingham, Fred Haynes, Steve Carr, Arnie Jorgensen, Will Rosado, Robert Campanella, Dennis Cramer, Craig Hamilton, James Dean Pascoe, Keith Champagne, Rich Rankin (A/CA) Darryl Banks, Romeo Tanghal
A new Green Lantern is born when artist Kyle Rayner is awarded the last power ring-but how can he fill Hal Jordan's shoes? A classic chapter in Green Lantern history is collected beginning here with tales from GREEN LANTERN #48-57, REBELS '94 #1 and NEW TITANS #116.

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