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DC Comics

Gotham Academy TP Vol 03 Yearbook

(W) Brenden Fletcher, Katie Cook, Hope Larson, Derek Fridolfs, Zac Gorman, Eduardo Medeiros, Mingjue Helen Chen, James TynionIV, Ken Niimura, Michael Dialynas, David Petersen, Steve Orlando, Natasha Alterici, Faith Erin Hicks (A) Katie Cook, Kris Mukai, Adam Archer, Sandra Hope, Dustin Nguyen, Zac Gorman, Rafael Albuquerque, Eduardo Medeiros, Chris Wildgoose, Ken Niimura, Annie Wu, Michael Dialynas, David Petersen, Moritat, Minkyu Jung, Natasha Alterici, Faith Erin Hicks (A/CA) Mingjue Helen Chen
The students of Gotham City's most prestigious prep school are back and they've just survived one heck of a year at Gotham Academy. Now it's time for everyone to look back at some of the lost adventures from the school year that were in these stories from issues #13-18 and ANNUAL #1.

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