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Ghibli Castle in the Sky Meeting the Girl Paper Theater Ball

From Ensky. Recreate your favorite Studio Ghibli scenes with Paper Theater, a fun 3D Paper Craft. From Castle in the Sky, Pazu catches Sheeta as she falls from the sky. From Kiki's Delivery Service, Kiki flies through the sky on one of her first deliveries - don't drop it! From My Neighbor Totoro, Satsuki meets Totoro at the Bus Stop, or Mei chases the Blue and White Totoro into the Secret Tunnel. From Porco Rosso, Porco Rosso gives a thumbs up as he flies through the sky. From Spirited Away, Chihiro (Sen) receives a gift from a new friend, No Face. Each Paper Theater Ball includes a 3 1/4" (84mm) display orb and stand to protect and show off your creation!

Category: giftware

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