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DC Comics

Flash Rebirth TP Vol 14 The Flash Age

The Flash Age!
The arrival of the villainous and unimaginably powerful Paradox shows the Flash what happens when ordinary people pay the price in super-powered battles.   This high-octane story sees Barry Allen running for his life to save himself, those he loves, and all of reality. When Paradox sends fellow sppedster Godspeed after the Flash, the hero's forced to team with his greatest enemy—the Reverse-Flash.   With the entire Flash legacy hanging in the balance and the man who killed his mother possible the only hope he has to save the Multiverse, Barry Allen races toward a shocking and final finish line that unleashes an even larger threat than he imagined.   Writer Joshua Williamson () amps up the action alongside all-star artists Howard Porter () and Rafa Sandoval () with a story that stretches from Barry Allen's earliest origins to today, with a bombastic conclusion that propels the Flash forward. Collects issues The Flash #88, The Flash #750-755, and The Flash Annual #3.

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