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DC Comics

Flash HC Death of Iris West

When a bolt of lightning struck a labratory cabinet full of chemicals, police scientist Barry Allen gained super-speed abilities.  Using his newfound powers to fight crime, he became Central City's greatest hero—the Flash!
Thanks to his enhanced speed, Barry can cover great distances in the blink of an eye and vibrate his molecules so quickly that he can pass through solid objects. But not even the Fastest Man Alive can dodge calamity when his beloved wife, Iris, is murdered. 
Grief-stricken, the Flash launches a one-man crusade to bring his wife's killer to justice, with all evidence pointing to an escaped metahuman convict. But is all as it seems, or is someone else responsible for masterminding the darkest moment in Barry Allen's life? Whoever the killer may be, they're about to learn that you can't outrun justice...especially when the Scarlet Speedster is on your trail. 

The Flash: The Death of Iris West collects The Flash #270-284 and recounts one of the most iconic story lines in pre-Crisis history. 

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