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DC Comics

Flash By Mark Waid Book 08

Superstar writer Mark Waid's legendary time on The Flash reaches the finishes line in this new collection, featuring the pivotal "The Dark Flash Saga"--collected for the first time!
During his years on The Flash, writer Mark Waid challenged Wally West with terrifying new villains, along with bringing new life to classic antagonists. In the closing chapter of his run, Waid pits The Flash against his greatest opponent yet...himself! In "The Dark Flash Saga," co-written by Brian Augustyn and illustrated by Paul Pelletier, meet Walter West: a Flash from a parallel reality where his beloved Linda Park died, and the speedster doles out brutal justice to criminals as a response. Can the two Flashes co-exist long enough to stop Replicant, a villain with the combined powers of the Rogues Gallery? Better find out fast--the longest Walter West stays on Wally's Earth, the more he poses a threat to all of reality! Collects The Flash #151-162, The Flash Annual #12, and material from The Flash Secret Files #2.

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