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Marvel Comics

Fantasy Masterpieces (Vol. 1, 1966-1967) #001

Original Cover Date: Feb ’66

Approx. Grade: Fine 6.0

Marvel Comics

*Final Sale*

"Hi, Marvelites" – (1-page foreward) – Inside front cover featuring photo of Stan Lee introducing interior stories.

"Beware!! the Ghosts Surround Me!!" – (6-page story, reprinted from Strange Tales #76, Aug. 1960) – A fleeing criminal in Transylvania hides in an abandoned house, but aliens from a parallel dimension appear to him. He is relieved to find they cannot hurt him, but instead they phase him into an invisible, immaterial state and leave him there forever.

"I Found the Things from Nowhere" – (5-page story, reprinted from Journey into Mystery #60, Sept. 1960) – Joe Carter tries to fix his TV and tunes into what he thinks is an alien battle.

"I Became a Human Robot!" – (5-page story, reprinted from Tales of Suspense #5, Sept. 1959) – An alien spy places his mind in a robot sent to Earth, hoping to be taken in for study. He gains access to data on Earth technology, but the scientists turn his robot body off, trapping him.

"I Saw the Other World" – (4-page story, reprinted from Tales to Astonish #7, Jan. 1960) – A man tries to convince a stranger that the camera he found takes pictures of another dimension. The stranger seems skeptical, when a bolt of lightning strikes and the stranger disappears, along with the man's pictures. While the man thinks he imagined it all, the stranger returns to his own dimension, where he cannot convince anyone of Earth's existance.

"Those Who Change" – (5-page story, reprinted from Amazing Adult Fantasy #10, March 1962) – A time travel experiment goes wrong. 

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