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Marvel Comics

Fantastic Four (Vol. 1 1961-1996, 2003-2012, 2015, 2018) #150

Original Cover Date: Sept ’74

Approx. Grade: Fine/Very Fine 7.0

Marvel Comics

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1st appearance of Ultron-7.

Marriage of Crystal (Crystal Amaquelin) and Quicksilver (Pietro Maximoff).

Includes Marvel Value Stamp Series A #27 (Black Widow).

"Ultron-7: He'll Rule the World!" – (story continued from Avengers #127) – The combined members of the Inhumans, Fantastic Four, and Avengers are in the Hidden City of Attilan to celebrate the upcoming wedding of Crystal and Quicksilver when the wedding is crashed by Maximus and Ultron, who has been rebuilt in the body of Omega the Ultima Alpha.
During Ultron-7's attack on the heroes, it reveals that following it's last defeat at the hands of the Avengers, Ultron's head was recovered by the mad Inhuman Maximus, who helped rebuild the intelligent robot. With it's tale of resurrection told, Ultron then unleashes a weapon that threatens to destroy the minds of everyone involved. However, this proves to be Ultron's undoing, as the weapon wakens young Franklin Richards from his coma, who uses his powers to destroy the robot and save everyone.

"The Wedding of Crystal and Quicksilver!"
Following the destruction of Ultron and Maximus being incarcerated once more, the wedding celebrations continue. The various Avengers, Inhumans and FF members pay their respects to the bride and groom and they are married, and after the celebrations leave with Lockjaw to go on their honeymoon.

NOTE: Artist Rich Buckler, who did his art during his run on Fantastic Four in the style of Jack Kirby, has several interior panels in this issue that are replicas of some of Kirby's earlier work on Fantastic Four.

NOTE: Quicksilver's costume is incorrectly colored green on the cover of this issue. He has worn a light grey colored costume since Avengers #75. 

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