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Marvel Comics

Fantastic Four (Vol. 1 1961-1996, 2003-2012, 2015, 2018) #102

Original Cover Date: Sept ’70

Approx. Grade: Fine 6.5

Marvel Comics

*Final Sale*

"The Strength of the Sub-Mariner" – As Johnny and Crystal treat Ben's cold, out at sea Namor and his army investigate a strange island with dinosaur like creatures. There Namor discovers the unconscious body of Magneto, and takes him aboard his vessel. When Magneto revives, he convinces Namor to launch another attack against humanity.
Finding Namor easy to manipulate, Magneto uses his magnetic abilities to manipulate devices in the Baxter building to attack the FF, prompting them to counter attack and escalate the conflict to a potential war.


NOTE: This issue marks the final consecutive issue of the Fantastic Four drawn by Jack Kirby after 108 issues (102 regular issues, and 6 annuals that featured original stories).

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