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DC Comics

Fables Deluxe Edition HC Vol 11

(W) Bill Willingham (A) Mark Buckingham, Steve Leialoha, Andrew Pepoy, Jim Fern, Craig Hamilton, David Lapham, Inaki Miranda, Dan Green, Chrissie Zullo, Dave Johnson, Kate McElroy, J. H. Williams (CA) Mark Dos Santos
These tales from FABLES #86-100 include the epic "Witches," in which Bufkin, the meek and mild flying monkey, is trapped with the evil witch Baba Yaga, while Frau Totenkinder and the witches at the Farm prepare to deal with Mister Dark down in what's left of Fabletown. Then, heads will roll, blood will spill and Snow White and Rose Red, the loveliest sisters in all the lands, will be forever changed after "Rose Red"! Also includes the gala 100th issue of the series, with an all-star art lineup!

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