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DC Comics

Doom Patrol TP Vol 02

(W) Grant Morrison (A) Richard Case, Kelley Jones, Mike Dringenberg, Steve Yeowell, Vince Giarrano, Mark McKenna, Jamie Hewlett, John Nyberg, Doug Hazlewood, Malcolm Jones, Scott Hanna, Mark Badger, Kim DeMulder, Rian Hughes, Michael S. Kane, Duncan Fegredo, Paul Grist, Simon Bisley (A/CA) Brian Bolland
These stories from DOOM PATROL #35-50 feature the debut of Danny the Street, the first appearance of Flex Mentallo, and, through it all, an incredible saga of cosmic war and super-evolving consciousness! Plus, learn the final fate of the Brotherhood of Dada and witness the rise of the unstoppable Candlemaker!

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