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DC Comics

Brave and the Bold (Vol. 1, 1955-1983) #061

Original Cover Date: Sept ’65

Approx. Grade: Fine 6.0

DC Comics

*Final Sale*

• Origin of Starman (Ted Knight)

• Origin of Black Canary

• Murphy Anderson cover art.


"Mastermind of Menaces!" – (23-page story) – The villainous Mist returns to his life of crime by using flowers from Dinah Drake's floral shop to hypnotically induce wealthy people into parting with large sums of money, and when Starman gets involved in the case, the Mist figures out a way to nullify his famed Gravity Rod.

"The Origin of Starman" – (1-page text story, no synopsis written).

"The Origin of Black Canary" – (1-page text story, no synopsis written). 

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