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DC Comics

Batman & the Outsiders TP Vol 03 The Demon's Fire

The reign of Ra's al Ghul!
Ra's al Ghul has had everything taken away from him. His League of Assassins, his power...even his family. All he has left is his mission to bend the world to his will and save it from itself. He's more dangerous than ever,and it'll take the combined might of the Outsiders team to take him down!   But the Outsiders are far from all together.   Black Lightning is pushing his powers to their limits and trying to show Batman that his potential has no limit.    Katana is trying to save Orphan's and Signal's souls from the allure of the ruthless Lady Shiva—who is acting benevolent for the moment, but Katana can see through her ruse.    The Outsiders will have to overcome their shortcomings, ambitions, and insecurities in order to stop Ra's al Ghul from using a device tha t promises to change the balance of power in the entire DCU!   Find out if they have what it takes to win in Batman and the Outsiders Vol. 3: The Demon's Fire—the epic conclusion to the critically acclaimed series from writer Bryan Hill (Wildstorm: Michael Cray, TV's Titans) and artist Dexter Soy (Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Hush, Red Hood and the Outlaws). Collects Batman and the Outsiders #13-17. 

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