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DC Comics

Batman the Caped Crusader TP Vol 05

Gotham City is plagued by an endless supply of criminals who unleash constant chaos upon the city. But Gotham has a protector: Batman, the fearless Caped Crusader. He stands ever ready to fight the mayhem and keep the citizens of Gotham safe, one night at a time.
With the Ghost Dragon gang committing daring warehouse robberies, Batman and Robin chase the gang's lieutenant, Lynx, through the streets. When Robin discovers an old nemesis—the Ghosts' dead leader, King Snake—might be alive and out for Robin's head, the stakes only get higher! Plus, Batman travels to Rio de Janeiro to track a serial killer known as the Queen of Hearts, a woman whose life he once saved. Can the Caped Crusader battle his way through the streets filled with drug-addled teenagers and a bizarre dimension known as the Idiot Zone?    An all-star cast of talent, led by Peter Milligan (Justice League Dark), Norm Breyfogle (Detective Comics), and Jim Aparo (The Brave and the Bold), presents Batman: The Caped Crusader Vol. 5, collecting Batman $466-473 and Detective Comics #639-640.

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