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DC Comics

Batman Dark Prince Charming TP

A young mother and her daughter appear on Bruce Wayne's doorstep, and the famously wealthy playboy is rocked by the news that they bring.
When the child is suddenly kidnapped by The Joker, Batman must plunge deep into Gotham City's underworld to track her down and foil the Clown Prince of Crime's twisted plan. But what is the secret that connects these archetypal antagonists to this mysterious young girl, and why does her case seem so deeply personal to both of them? Acclaimed European comics creator Enrico Marini (The Eagles of Rome, The Scorpion, Gipsy) made his American comics debut with this stunning graphic novel showcasing his unique interpretations of Gotham City's most famous heroes and villains. Collecting the lushly painted two-volume original series, this new trade paperback edition collects Batman: The Dark Prince Charming #1-2.

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