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DC Comics

Batman 66 TP Vol 04

(W) Jeff Parker, Len Wein, Harlan Ellison, Mike W. Barr, Tom Peyer, Rob Williams (A) Ruben Procopio, Michael Avon Oeming, Jos? Luis Garc?a-L?pez, Irena Jukic Pranjic, Scott Kowalchuk, Dave Bullock, Richard Case, Leonardo Romero, Sandy Jarrell (CA) Michael Allred
In these tales from BATMAN '66 #17-22, the Dynamic Duo team up with Barbara Gordon to take on The Bookworm, a deranged zombie-creating professor, Lord Death Man and The Joker. And in BATMAN '66: THE LOST EPISODE #1, a Harlan Ellison outline for an episode of the original TV series introducing Two-Face is adapted to comics by Lein Wein and Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez!

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