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Silver Snail

Amazing Spider-Man (Vol 1: 1963-1998) #121

Marvel Comics

Approx Grade: 7

Death of Gwen Stacy

”The Night Gwen Stacy Dies”

The night that will haunt Spider-Man forever. Forced with a choice Spidey’s life or Gwen’s. Spider-Man refuses and fights the Goblin instead! Thinking the Goblin is finally defeated, Spidey goes to check on Gwen oh how wrong he was, as the Goblin soars on his glider tossing Gwen from the bridge! Spidey shoots his webs in the hopes of saving her. However a small SNAP is seen above Gwen’s neck telling us all we need to know… Spider-Man discovers Gwen has passed and vows to kill the Green Goblin for this.


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