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Marvel Comics

Thunderbolts Epic Collection: Justice, Like Lightning

Collects Thunderbolts (1997) #1-12, Thunderbolts: Distant Rumblings (1997) #-1, Thunderbolts Annual '97, Incredible Hulk (1968) #449, Spider-Man Team-Up (1995) #7, Heroes For Hire (1997) #7, material from Tales of the Marvel Universe (1997) #1. The greatest trick ever pulled! With the Avengers and Fantastic Four believed dead, a new team of heroes rises to take their place! But the Thunderbolts hide a sinister secret: They're villains in disguise! What are Baron Zemo and his Masters of Evil really up to? What happens when some members begin to doubt their plan? And when the enthusiastic Jolt joins their ranks, how long can their secret stay hidden? The T-Bolts battle the Hulk, deal with a suspicious Black Widow, and tackle foes including the Mad Thinker and the Elements of Doom. But when the Avengers and FF return, the full scale of Zemo's plot is revealed!

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