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Marvel Comics

Mighty Marvel Masterworks Incredible Hulk TPB Volume 03 Less Monster More Man D

When a time-travel device throws the Hulk into the distant future, he does what Hulks always do: smash! Past, present or future, the Hulk will fight. But when the green goliath returns to the present, he discovers that Rick Jones - thinking he was dead - has revealed to the world that Bruce Banner is the Hulk! As if that wasn't trouble enough, Hercules hits the scene (and the Hulk), while the Secret Empire weaves nefarious plans of domination. The horror of the Humanoid comes next, but it's all just a prelude to the debut of the Abomination! Dr. Emil Blonsky is transformed into a gamma-powered monster equal to the Hulk's might, and their iconic battles will shake the Marvel Universe forevermore! Collecting material from TALES TO ASTONISH (1959) #75-91.

Category: graphic novel, Marvel

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