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Marvel Comics

Iron Man Epic Collection TPB Volume 06 War Of The Super Villains

A feud of epic proportions has been growing among the world's super villains! The mysterious Black Lama is pitting villain against villain, and the prize is ultimate power. This feud sets the Mandarin against the Yellow Claw, M.O.D.O.K. against the Mad Thinker...and all of them against Iron Man! It's a saga like only Marvel makes them: the War of the Super Villains! This volume also boasts the towering threat of Ultimo and Iron Man's return to Vietnam to rescue a friend behind enemy lines. Meanwhile, NYPD Detective Michael O'Brien begins an investigation aiming to nail Tony Stark for the death of his brother, the Guardsman! Add to that the Blood Brothers, the Controller and a new incarnation of the Molecule Man, and Iron Man must defend himself from all comers - or he'll lose everything! Collecting IRON MAN (1968) #68-91 and ANNUAL #3. Rated T

Category: Marvel, Trade Paperback

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